Gerrard pointed out that Villa lost the rhythm of the hammer defeat

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Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard has commented that his side did not play second to West Ham in the 2-0 defeat, pointing to a loss on the rhythm of the game.

“I think we lost the rhythm in the ufabet game. We keep the ball well. But we’re not creating as many opportunities as we should. At halftime, the draw was 0-0 with the visit. We are at an okay point.”

“I never thought I would get two goals in this game. But we have to look at our defensive game. because we have to blame ourselves We gave a great goal and put West Ham in the lead but the second goal damaged us a lot.”

“This game was decide at a moment that didn’t suit us. And we couldn’t do more with the moments we had. So we have to recover well before we meet Arsenal next week.”

“We are satisfy in many ways, we started this work. With 16th place and we are 9th at the moment, there are still a lot of things we need to improve. We want to finish as high as we can.”

“I’ve been in this league for a long time. I may not have a lot of field experience. But I’ve played a lot of football. The main thing that I will try to improve is to maintain balance. And calm when things don’t go well. Hopefully next time we visit West Ham, the timing will be on our side.”

Asked about the Villa fans applauding West Ham’s Ukrainian forward Andre Yarmolenko’s goal, Gerrard reply: “Villa fans have class. of football. And I’m not surprise at all with those classes. He scores well And he’s been through a lot. We pay our respects to him.”